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Hearing / Visual Impairment  Assistive System

Alert with loud sound and flashing light and vibration when there is an incoming telephone call or someone press the doorbell

The package includes:

  • Multi-Alert Receiver

  • Wireless Doorbell Press

  • Wireless Telephone Call Alert

  • Wake up (Vibration) Pad


Ideal product for visual/ hearing Impairment and elderly individual

Multi-Alert Receiver (GWR-L800)
  • Capability to pair up to 4 different GUARDMAN® sensors

  • SUB-1G RF frequency with wireless transmission range up to 300m / 1,000ft (direct line of sight)

  • With LED indicator

  • Clear and loud sound up to 95dB, with 18 melodies for selection

  • 3 selectable operating modes: sound / vibrating / sound & vibrating

  • Low battery indication of sensors

Wireless Doorbell Press (GWT-L538)
  • Water splashproof design

  • Generate alerting signal when someone presses the button

Wireless Telephone Call Alert (GWT-L301)
  • Simple operation, plug the device and the telephone line into the included splitter, then into the telephone sockets

Wake up (Vibration) Pad (GAA-WP89)
  • Simply plug into the receiver, no installation/setup is required

  • no battery is required

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