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Fall Monitoring Management - Chair
Provides an early alert signal to the caregivers or family members when there is a potential risks of elderly falling of their chairs. 

GUARDMAN™ Fall Management Monitoring Kit provides an early alert signal to the caregivers or family members living together with the elderly if she/has potential risks to fall down when stands up from a chair.

The package includes:

  • Wireless Fall Monitoring Alarm

  • Chair Sensor Pad

  • Universal Nurse Call Button

  • Vibrating Pager


Wireless Fall Monitoring Alarm (GWT-L300)
  • Plugs with a Chair sensor pad to transmit a wireless signal to the receiver and trigger an alert sound and flashing light if the elderly leaves the chair. Connects with the nurse call button can expand the fall monitoring alarm to be wireless calling system. 

  • Can be hanged to the wheelchair

  • Water splash-proof design

  •  Individual button to control each function includes Power On/Off, Transmission, Flashlight, Siren Alarm

  • 3 operation modes for sensor pad - Mat/Pad/+3S

  1. Mat: alarm being triggered when pressure on (someone steps on the mat)

  2. Pad: alarm being triggered when without pressure (leave the sensor pad)

  3. +3: alarm being triggered when without pressure, but delay 3 seconds for reduce false alarm

Char Sensor Pad (GAA-CP100)
  • Easy to use, simply plug into the Wireless Fall Monitoring Alarm, no need to set up and install a battery

  • Slip-resistant and non-skin sensitive

  • Size: 15” x 10”

Universal Nurse Call Button (GAA-UNCB1)
  • Simply plug into the Wireless Fall Monitoring Alarm to become a call button

  • Temper-resistant design

Vibration Pager (GWR-L25)
  • Capability to pair up to 4 different GUARDMAN® sensors/transmitters

  • With LED indicator icon for each zone/channel

  • Clear and loud sound with 18 melodies for selection

  • 3 selectable operating modes: sound / vibrating / sound & vibrating

  • With a built-in belt clip

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