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What is eAlertCare™

eAlertCare™ is an app-based remote monitoring & alerting platform which allows the end-user to receive alerts & push notification msgs remotely from various GUARDMAN® (armed) monitoring devices (sensors & transmitters), connected to each IOT enabled GUARDMAN® Hub.

eAlert Care diagram 01.png

The Sensor is Triggered

Receive signal and transmit it tp cloud server

Phone or tablet get notification

All GUARDMAN® sensors can be connected to the Multi-Alert Receiver(GWR-T3000)with loT technology.

The Multi-Alert Receiver GWR-T3000 transmits the alarm signal to the cloud server and sends out flashing lights and alarm sounds.

Phone/tablet receives detailed alert information including device, date and time.

eAlert Care diagram 02.png

GWR-T3000 Multi Alert Receiver (IoT)









Key Features
  • A cost-effective monitoring system allows connection to an unlimited number of sensors & transmitters without any additional cost to the expansion of the eAlertCare™ solution.

  • A Hub-based application whereby each Hub is managed & controlled by a single eAlertCare™ registered account. Once the app is downloaded, an unlimited number of Hubs can be connected & monitored through the single eAlertCare™ account. Each account is possible to be shared between unlimited caregivers (1 admin + unlimited shared account members).

  • An unlimited number of sensors & transmitters could be connected under each Hub, enabling monitoring of various zones marked under each hub.

  • Cloud-based monitoring is enabled through Remote Alerts & Push Notification. A sound alert & a push notification msg is generated only for armed devices (sensors & transmitters) in the event of these devices being triggered. Home & Disarm options are available to customize or shut down alerts and notification msgs., as per end-user & caregiver requirements.

  • Local Alert is available on the Hub even during the absence of an internet connection.

  • SMS/Voice alert option available on Premium (Paid) Version.

  • Emergency Alert Button for easy alerting the caregiver(s).


eAlertCare™ Benefit

  • The end-user pays lower hardware costs compared to other solutions. End-user pays for the  Wi-Fi embedded (IoT module) receiver and for the monitoring devices (sensors & transmitters). No additional cost is required for expanding the monitoring system (adding more devices).

  • An ideal solution for Home Care Ctr service providers, offering services to multiple end-users/caregivers. Shared accounts enable multiple user scenarios.

  • Unlimited expansion of monitoring solution possible through the addition of sensors & transmitters connected under each Hub. Each monitored zone can be clearly marked under distinct groups.

  • Cloud-based monitoring is enabled through Remote Alerts & Push Notification. End-user/caregivers can customize the alerts & notifications depending on their requirements.

  • A local alert is available on the Hub even during the absence of an internet connection. Local Caregiver is alerted to every eventuality.

  • SMS/Voice alert option available on Premium Version (SMS/API Paid services). SMS/Voice alert option is available to the registered users (max. 5) and is active only in the event of all the users being off-line.

  • The Emergency Button on the app triggered by an end-user prompts Caregiver(s) to attend to the emergency situation.​

Download eAlertCare™ App
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