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Bathroom Pull Alarm

GUARDMAN® Emergency Bathroom Pull Alarm kit is a DIY set of devices that helps to avoid/minimize an emergency situation, especially in a place like a bathroom. The user is simply required to pull the cord of the Pull Station downwards to trigger a wireless signal to the receiver unit and alert the caregiver.

The package includes:

  • Wireless Emergency Pull Station

  • Vibrating Pager


When someone is in need, just pull down the cord of the Pull Station, it will send a wireless signal to the receiver to alert the caregiver. 
Wireless Emergency Pull Station (HAX-L600)
  • SUB-1G RF frequency with wireless transmission range up to 300m / 1,000ft (direct line of sight)

  • Water splashproof design 

  • Can be mounted to the ceiling or the sidewall

  • 2-meter long pull cord with adjustable length and 2 pull handles 

  • The handle can be triggered by one finger

  • Low battery indication on the receiver unit

Vibrating Pager (DCX-L25)
  • Capability to pair up to 4 different GUARDMAN® sensors/transmitters

  • With LED indicator icon for each zone/channel

  • Clear and loud sound with 18 melodies for selection

  • 3 selectable operating modes: sound / vibrating / sound & vibrating

  • With built-in belt clip

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