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Wireless Emergency Pull Station


GWT-L600 Wireless Emergency Pull Station

The wireless emergency pull station is a wireless safety device to call for assistance when someone needs help, especially inside the toilet/bathroom. 
When paired with the multi-alert receiver, it will transmit an alert signal to the receiver when a person pulls the cord.



  • IP55 Water splashproof design 

  • Can be mounted to the ceiling or the sidewall

  • After paired with the GUARDMAN™ Multi-Alert Receiver, it can transmit a wireless signal to the receiver upon pulling down the cord.

  • SUB-1G RF frequency with wireless transmission range up to 300m / 1,000ft (direct line of sight)

  • 2-meter long pull cord with adjustable length and 2 pull handles 

  • The handle can be triggered by one finger

  • Low battery indication on the receiver unit


  • Product dimension: 85 (Ø) x 32 (H) mm

  • Product weight: 115 g (incl. battery)

  • Battery: 12V 123A x 1 (included)

  • Battery life: 1 year  (based on trigger 1 time per day)

  • Accessories: Small screw driver x 1, 1 pack of mounting kit

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