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"Top 100 Business and Economic Industry Development Award 2024"

Congratulations to Guardman for winning the "Top 100 Business and Economic Industry Development Award 2024" organized by Metro Finance!

After rigorous public voting and professional jury assessment, Guardman has been awarded this prestigious honor due to its outstanding performance. This award is established to recognize and highly commend businesses that have made significant contributions to commercial and economic development.

Guardman ability to excel across the five major evaluation criteria and be selected as part of the Top 100 list demonstrates its continuous innovation, product and service optimisation, and enhancement of market competitiveness, ultimately earning widespread industry recognition. This accolade will undoubtedly serve as a new driving force for Hothing's future development, as it continues to contribute to the industry's progress.

The purpose of this event is to:

Recognize and encourage the top 10 business organizations and professionals in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area who have innovated, transformed, and broken through amid adversity.

Share their successful experiences and strategies, as well as their contributions and achievements for the industry and society.

Promote and sustain these successful models, inspiring different industries to actively develop and fostering the revitalization and growth of the Hong Kong business community.

Let us all join in congratulating Hothing on this well-deserved achievement!

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