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Wireless Magnetic Pull Alarm 


GWT-L700 Wireless Magnetic Pull Alarm

GUARDMAN® wireless magnetic pull alarm is a simple alerting device specifically designed for seniors. The device generates an alarm with a loud sound and a warning light at the spot when the magnetic sensor is unplugged. Once the magnetic sensor is replaced in its original position, the sound & light alarm stop as the device is reset. 


  • It can be used as a stand-alone product or could be paired with any GUARDMAN® receiver. Once paired, it transmits a wireless signal to the receiver in the event of the magnet being unplugged.

  • SUB-1G RF frequency with wireless transmission range up to 300m / 1,000ft (direct line of sight)

  • Bright LED flashlight & super loud siren >100dB

  • IP3X Water splash-proof

  • Individual button to control each function - Power On/Off, Transmission, Flashlight, Siren Alarm


  • Product dimension: 73.5 (L) x 31.5 (W) x 122.6 (H) mm

  • Product weight: 170 g (incl. battery)

  • Battery: AAA x 3 (not included)

  • Battery life: 1 year (based on trigger 2 times per day)

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