Smart Home Care


GWR-L600 Plugin Type Alert Receiver

-  AC operated

-  Can pair up to 2 transmitters

-  2 flashing patterns

-  Super bright flashlight


This Plug-in Type Alert Receiver is able to pair up to 2 different sensors/ transmitters. Upon receipt of any wireless signal from the sensor / transmitter, it delivers a flashlight and sound alert.

  • SUB-1G RF frequency with wireless transmission range up to 300m / 1,000ft (direct line of sight)

  • Capability to pair up-to 2 different sensors / transmitters

  • With 2 flashing patterns – slow/fast

  • Clear and loud sound with 18 melodies for selection

  • 3 selectable operating modes: sound / light / sound & light

  • AC operated, plug for specific country such as US, UK, EU, Australia, Japan and so on…