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Please refer to the below links for product Descriptions:

GMK-L200 Bathroom Pull Alarm


GMK-L400 Fall Management Monitoring System - CHAIR Sensor Pad

GMK-L410 Fall Management Monitoring System - BED Sensor Pad

GLA-2000 Talking Clock

GLA-2 Liquid Level Detector

1. The promotion period is from 13/June/2020 - 30/June/2020.

2. The number of promotional products is limited and offers on a first-come-first-served basis.

3. We will contact customers who have successfully ordered. The order will have to confirm after payment is received successfully. Products will be delivered within 14 working days after payment receipt.

4. All products are entitled to one year warranty.

5. The above pictures are for reference only.

6. In case of any disputes, Guardman Products Limited reserves the right of final decision.

GS1 Membership Offer

Please fill in the following information to order the promotional products.

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