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Social Caring Pledge Awards


We are pleased to announce that Guardman Products limited has been awarded the Social Caring Pledge Awards Scheme 2021. This marks a great step for us at Guardman by receiving this award, which means our work on our society has been recognized. This offers our team at Guardman a huge boost of confidence in our work.

The Social Caring Pledge Awards (SCP Awards) Scheme honors business leaders and organizations who have shown exemplary performance and persistence in developing successful businesses, whilst not neglecting the social responsibilities that come with leadership, promoting social caring spirits in accordance with SERA’s Social Caring Pledge, which promotes 6 core principles in UN Global Compact.

The year 2021 marks the 12th edition of the SCP Awards Scheme and we are extending our influence in Asia to bring social caring awareness to another level. This motivational program does not only increase SCP Winners’ brand visibility through a regional PR campaign, but it also instills confidence amongst Awardee’s stakeholders by being bench-marked as one of the best social caring icons in their industry based on the SCP Framework.

Winning the SCP Awards is a recognition and an independent endorsement of achievement assists awardee to gain an advantage over competitors under the SCP Framework measurement and benchmark against the best!

We at Guardman will continue to work hard on contributing to society and creating a better business environment for future generations.

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